VIDEO 2: Why Your Business Needs a Webinar

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Video 1: How to Create a High-Converting Webinar

In this first video, you will learn about the critical pieces that make up a high-converting webinar including the process, pages, and product.

Video 2: Why Your Business Needs a Webinar

In video 2, you will discover several reasons why your business needs a webinar and why you shouldn't just focus on always doing "selling" webinars.

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Video 3: How to Build Your Webinar Funnel

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In video 5, I share my secret presentation formula for consistently producing killer results.  Watch, swipe, and deploy for your next webinar and see your sales soar!

Video 6: How to Market Your Webinar 

In video 6, I'll reveal how and when I set up my webinars and when to expire them (no false scarcity!) for maximum results.  Rinse and repeat every month to 6-figures/year.



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Matt (00:00):

Hey, Matt Stefanik here again, and in this video (video two of the six part video bootcamp), we're going to be talking about why your business actually needs a webinar. Okay, first and foremost just so you keep in mind that not all webinars need to be a selling webinar. In fact, I think you should actually not sell or aim to sell in every single webinar that you do. You can build a lot of rapport and know, like, and trust and establish yourself as an authority by just doing training webinars.


In fact, when I first got started doing webinars about eight years ago in 2012 I had no clue what I was doing. We literally just would do webinars. We used GoToWebinar, we'd invite a bunch of people on. We would use Facebook groups, worked really well for this. And we would invite a bunch of people and it was great for building our list, but we didn't even sell.


Matt (00:49):

And literally we just get on and say, here's what we're going to cover and we'd cover it. And we'd literally give away everything. And then say, if you liked that go on this Facebook post and say how much you liked it. And that worked really well. And eventually we were able to monetize that. So, you can always focus on monetizing later and focusing on giving value in advance is always a good recipe for success.


So, let's talk about some of the reasons why your business needs to be doing webinars. As I already mentioned, building know, like, and trust. If you think about it, you want to build a relationship. You don't want to just treat the people on your list, or that will be on your list as email addresses, right? They are people, there are people associated with this. And so if you want to set yourself apart, start focusing on creating a relationship and by giving value in that relationship, if you had a friend that you hung out with and all you did was try to sell them stuff all the time, every time you saw them, they probably wouldn't hang out with you that much.


Matt (01:44):

Right? Okay. So, one of the things that is great for webinars is obviously demonstrating your expertise by teaching and it gives you instant authority. Right? Think about it. You're the one on the other side of that camera or on the other side of that webinar presenting, giving the training, it's just like going to a conference where you see the speaker on stage. There's only one guy up there speaking, everyone else is in the audience. So, who has all the authority? Obviously the person speaking. So, you accomplish this immediately, you get the same type of effect by hosting webinars and being the authority on that webinar. Building your list is, is probably one of the best things about webinars, because it's a high perceived value – a live training, right? And so instead of giving away some type of ebook or some type of, you know, 5 step thing, or top 10 lists, you know, these can all be incredibly valuable.


Matt (02:39):

But in my opinion, from my experience in the past, nothing has allowed me to build my email list faster than just doing webinars consistently over time. Okay. And when you do sell on a webinar, the reason and why we use a webinar and instead of just sending cold traffic to a sell to a landing page or a sales page is we change selling environment. And the reason for that is because typically you're going to sell things for a lot higher price point than you would converting cold traffic. You want to send cold traffic from Facebook or from YouTube straight to a sales page. The price point probably needs to be $297 or less to maximize the conversions. You can sell it at $497. You'll find people that can do it, but they also have a lot of factors and a lot of elements that can't just be easily obtained by the average person starting out.


Matt (03:28):

Okay. So, we change the selling environment. In which case we want to sell our products at at least $497 or higher. Okay. I've been on webinars where the price has been $497, two payments of $497. We've done $697, $797, $997. And the highest one I've ever, ever been on was like 3000 dollars and it actually converted quite well. And it was one of our highest grossing webinars. Obviously the higher, the price point, the conversions are going to come down, but you're going to generate a lot more revenue. Okay.


The great thing about webinars, when you do sell on them, it's the fastest, easiest way to sell a product or service. Okay. I've made insane amounts of money just by hosting a webinar. In fact, over my 18 years. And that includes flipping houses and a lot of other things, including online marketing, selling coaching, consulting, software, physical products, digital products, nothing has allowed me to create more money faster than webinars.


Matt (04:29):

Okay. Some of the best ones I've done have done over 120,000 in five days. And really even flipping houses I was never able to create that kind of wealth that fast. Okay. If you think about the alternative, a lot of times, what we did in the past was a product launch, and those can be great. Those can build your email list really fast, but there are a lot of work and typically require two to three months in advance. You, you need have to get a lot of JVs on board. And typically you're going to have a price point that falls somewhere between $37 and $97, a sweet spot is below $50. So, $37-$47 are perfect price points for a product launch, but you really need to get like 2-3000 customers to make it worthwhile. You're not going to make a whole lot of money on the front end, which means you need to figure out your backend.


Matt (05:16):

And that's going to range somewhere between zero upsells, where you're not capitalizing and missing the point of the whole product launch, right. You're not going to make any money all the way to upsell. Oh, where you have, you know, upsell downsell track, starts to look like a sideways family tree, right? Here's your front end offer. And then you have, you know, upsell number one, if they take, don't take that there's a down sell. If they take it, there's an upsell and then another upsell. And then I'm not a down sell at the upsale, then a down sale. And it starts to look like this, you know, reverse March madness bracket. If you do this and you create upset hell, you're a dick. Okay. And you're also missing out on an opportunity to monetize down the road and think longterm. This is short-term thinking right here.


Matt (06:03):

Okay, don't do this. Your customers are going to hate you and you're not going to build that relationship. Okay. So that's a little, a side note on the alternative to doing a webinar or a product launch. I've done both. I prefer webinars all day long. Last couple of things I'll talk about is webinars give you digital currency. And the digital currency today is influence. If you build up enough influence, there isn't anything that you can't sell, promote, or partner with, or collaborate, work on collaborations with all kinds of people. Okay. If you look around the internet today, the richest people that are making the most amount of money are personalities, right? And they're the ones that are getting on camera. They're not necessarily the ones that have the most value or the, the most accurate information or, you know, the most experienced in the, in the biggest and best results.


Matt (06:49):

But they're willing to get themselves out there and do webinars and get on camera. Now you don't necessarily have to get on camera. If you're doing webinars, we typically don't go on camera. When we're doing webinars. It just makes it easier. But we might sometimes start out on camera. But again, if you look around the ones that are making a killing are personalities and some of these people aren't even marketers. So if you're a marketer and you develop a personality that people like, that's a recipe for an insane amount of money. Okay. So, in the next video, we're going to be talking about how to actually build your webinar funnel.

See you there.

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Matt Stefanik

Matt Stefanik, aka "The Lifestyle Architect," is a marketing expert, consultant, speaker, and lifelong entrepreneur. He has spoken at various marketing events around the world including in Atlanta, Cozumel, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Montreal, and London.

In 2002, Matt dropped out of college, started his own real estate business, and 18 years later is still successfully self-employed.  Matt is a husband, father of three, serial entrepreneur, and lover of comedy, craft beer, and The Ohio State Buckeyes.

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