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In this first video, you will learn about the critical pieces that make up a high-converting webinar including the process, pages, and product.

Video 2: Why Your Business Needs a Webinar

In video 2, you will discover several reasons why your business needs a webinar and why you shouldn't just focus on always doing "selling" webinars.

Video 3: How to Build Your Webinar Funnel

In video 3, you will learn the 4 essential pages every webinar funnel must have, the most important elements for each, and a secret way to launch your course fast!

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Matt (00:00):

Hey, welcome back, Matt Stefanik again here and in this video, video three, I'm going to be sharing with you how to build your webinar funnel. Okay. The four pages that are essential to every webinar funnel are number one, your registration page, obviously a way for people to actually sign up for your webinar, confirmation page, a signup page, which will be the link that you give out on the live webinar. That is also linked on the final page, the replay page.


Okay, so your reg page, your confirmation page, your signup page and your replay page. Let's talk about your reg page. Okay. The most essential aspects of the reg page, and I want you to not overthink this and not add too much, not get too fancy with it, but let's start at the top here. First and foremost, we need our title/hook.


Matt (00:50):

Now this is one of the most important, important aspects of your entire webinar. And because if you get this wrong, right, you're going to have results. If you do everything else, right. If you get this wrong, everything else is going to be a lot harder on the flip side. If you get this right, everything is way easier because it comes from this title/hook. Okay. Okay. Next would be not necessary, but helpful. A video pre-framing, what they can expect on the webinar. If you're scared to death to get on video, that's fine. What I typically do if I'm promoting somebody else, is this a zoom call where I talk to them for five to 10 minutes, ask them a little bit about their experience, kind of pre-frame what people can expect on the webinar. And it gives you, you know, a risk-free preview of what to expect and increases the signup rate on this page.


Matt (01:47):

Okay. So it's not necessary, but if you don't have this, that's fine.  If you do, great. So test it out both ways, but after this, you're going to have, you know, you can put a button here, you know, go ahead and add your call to action, because you kind of explained a little bit about it register, right? We want to a call to action to be registered, “Register Now,” “Reserve Your Seat,” something of that nature.  After this, we want a paragraph or two that just elaborates on the hook. Okay. So whatever the hook is, we're going to elaborate a little bit further and we're going to further agitate that problem and/or pique their interest further. Okay. That's all this is designed to do. We don't need to oversell. We don't need to sell the course. We just need to sell the click.


Matt (02:33):

We want them to register. Okay, don't get ahead of yourself. Just sell the register. So, a couple paragraphs about what to expect, and then we're going to have bullets. Okay. Now these three bullets, at least three bullets should outline what the benefits of what you'll be covering. Okay. Not just what you're going to be covering. Why. Okay. Why does that matter? So a lot of times you'll see, and Digital Marketer teaches this, is, you know, to do X, Y, and that you can do this, this and that, or how to do this, you can avoid doing that, or how do you do this? So that there's a benefit attached to that bullet because you want to remind them, even if you think it's obvious, remind them of what the actual benefit is. Again, you have to make this something that's obviously of high perceived value, or they're just not going to register. They're going to look at this and they're going to be like, yeah, that's great, but who gives a shit?  So, this has to be


Matt (03:27):

Fairly compelling right?  Now, these three bullets should speak to existing pain points or objections or whatever current limiting beliefs that your prospect might have in their mind. So, this is going to require a little bit of research, to figure out what are the things. Okay. And I'm going to give you an example of this in another video of some of the things that we've used and different ways that we've gone about doing this. Okay. Another thing is, do we want to make very clear when this webinar is obviously, okay, so you're going to have the date on here.


Matt (04:00):

We're going to, you're going to show It right here, below, above the button, but you're also going to put the date, join me this Thursday at 2:00 PM, Eastern, whatever the date is, for an all new live webinar event on this webinar, you're going to discover X, X, X, and X. Okay.


Matt (04:16):

And the date again, and obviously a call to action and a button. So that's going to be registered. Now it's going to might say it above it, but it's also going to say it on the button. Okay. Another good idea is to have, you know, a countdown timer up here and counting down and I'll put another one by the button because, you know, it's, it's, we're used to seeing countdown timers on pages, but it also gives you an idea of how far away this webinar is and know that it's counting down and it's coming soon. Okay. So, if you want to really increase conversions, all of this is great, add a stay to the end bonus. Okay. If you say register now, attend a live webinar, stay to the end, and I'm going to give you, and usually this is like a PDF or something or some type of some sort of higher perceived value.



Matt (05:03):

It doesn't have to be part of your course can be something that could stand alone, but something that is going to be a compliment to whatever this is, whatever the title is, whatever the hook is, whatever the webinar's going to be about and your bullets and training giveaway, something that compels them to register now also attend the live event and stay to the end. Okay. Tell them what it is. And then again, point back up to register now. Okay. And of course, on every single page that you do, you're going to have your footer disclaimers, and you're going to have your policy page links, making sure that these open up into a new tab. I don't know why I see this. Sometimes when people have their links and they open up in the same page, it just doesn't make any sense to me. But these obviously need to be on every single page that you create. Because if you want to run traffic, this keeps you compliant. Okay. Keeps you compliant anyways. So, okay. So that's the


Matt (05:53):

Page. Next up. Let's get rid of this real quick. Like the confirmation page, obviously this is the next page after they, I have already signed up, signed up page. Okay. This one is fairly straightforward. Very, very easy. First and foremost, put the countdown timer back up there. It's the same one from the first page, but make sure that you make it clear success. They have confirmed, you know, you are confirmed, congrats. Right? You are registered. You are registered. Okay.


Matt (06:36):

Get very clear, that's your headline on this page. You have been registered. Okay. The next thing I'm going to do is give them several steps. Okay. One, two, three. And this is all. This is, if you want to put a video on here and tell them what to do in a video form, that's fine too. I normally don't because it's a pain in the to shoot videos. It's time consuming. And this is I've already done my job, right? Obviously anything that you can do after this point to get them to actually attend a live webinar is good. So, step number one, check your email. Tell them to check your


Matt (07:11):

Email. I don't know why bother writing. I can't write one. My hands have broken. Anyways. Step number two is whitelist our emails. I have a nice little whitelist page that I created that literally tells them how to white list our emails, which means it's always going to land in their inbox. Now how many people are actually going to follow this? I don't know, but you know, the good thing is we're, we're being proactive. We're telling them to actually go here. Here's whitelist instructions. Here's how to do it. If you use Gmail, if you use Hotmail/Outlook, you know, some of the most popular ones. Yeah. Who, whatever, um, here's how to do it so that they always land in the inbox. If they take that step, you can guarantee your emails are always going to land in the inbox. So that's why we tell them to do that.


Number three, check your calendar or add this to your calendar. So, what I'll do is go on Google calendar and I'll create an event on my calendar, make it public, grab the HTML and put a little


Matt (08:09):

Here, the little Google calendar button. Okay. And your calendar for Mark your calendar. Okay. Next after that is basically another countdown timer where I'll say, you know, just see you on the webinar, on the webinar To do see you on the webinar.  I'll have My picture and a little bit about me. That's basically it. Of course we have our same disclaimer and our footer links. Okay. That's the confirmation page. Now the third page that we need to have is going to be our sign-up page. Okay? Hope you screenshot of that. Or go back, pause the video,


Matt (08:52):

Take notes, whatever the hell you want to do, sign up page, sign up.  This is the page that we're actually going to share on the live webinar. And it's also going to be linked on our replay page and where people go right to sign up. The last thing you want to do is have your webinar and send people to a sales page. Do not make this mistake. You've already done all the selling. Your webinar is your sales page. Send them right to the checkout page. Okay. On this page, sign up now.  Wow Very big. They know that they're there to sign up. Okay. You're going to have one side, all of their contact details, all their billing details. And maybe you have a PayPal button option or the credit card. Okay. Or PayPal. Okay.



Matt (09:47):

On this side, you're going to re-list the benefits of what it is that they're getting. So, here's what you're going to get. Here's what you're going to get. If you have a product image, fine. If you don't have it, no big deal. Put your face on here again. So, they remember it. It's you that selling that to them, you look like a nice person, right? So, benefit number one, benefit. Number two, benefit. Number three, benefit. Number four, benefit. Number five. Here's the value, value, value, value, all this total value. Just whatever your price is. $497,


Matt (10:19):

total value, five grand, just $497 order now, support, email, or phone, whichever you have maybe some, some trusts badges. Yep. I'm going to make my best heart shape. Trust badges, maybe some shields, you know, whatever trust badges, and then testimonials. If you have testimonials, add them maybe just two, okay. So-and-so here's what they said. So, and so here's what they said again. Same footer disclaimer, and links. Okay. You don't have to overcomplicate this. I've seen numerous checkout pages. These are the essentials. If you have these, you should do well enough to not have to worry about, you know, is it converting or isn't it converting? If, if it's not converting, it's probably not this page. Okay. The last page last page obviously is going to be your replay page. For those that didn't make the live webinar. This again does not have to be complicated. It's very simple to create, restate your title again, countdown timer. And this is going to be webinar expires in expires. And that's your countdown timer. Make it very clear when this webinar's going to expire a title and your hook, okay, this is going to be the very top. Right?


Matt (11:40):

You play the video. Okay.  Just so they know that this is matching the webinar title and here's the actual replay. Put the button, right? I know you might be tempted to say, well, I don't want them to see the button. I don't want them to go by or go to the, you know, back to that sign up page yet until they watch the video. They're not going to sign up. Trust me. I've had the same thought and I've been proven wrong time and time again. Put the button on the page. Do not time delay it. Okay.


After this, you can add any bonuses. Go ahead. Don't hesitate. State the bonuses, state, everything you're going to get. Even though you're going to go through it on the webinar, people are still going to watch the webinar. Or if they say, you know what? I got it. They might just go buy why put any hurdles in the way to them buying. Don't time delay the button, list the benefits, the bonuses, the total value. Get it now for only this, expires countdowns tomer. Again, expires on a certain date.


Matt (12:41):

And again, footer links at the bottom. Disclaimer, blah, blah, blah.  Don't use false scarcity. You're going to have manufactured or engineered a scarcity in this because we're intentionally going to expire it on Sunday at midnight. Make sure you redirect that page. So that it's midnight. Sunday. It redirects to a, sorry. Okay. What I have is a fifth page. Um, and it's a generic general page I use for every single webinar. And it just says replay or, you know, webinar replay expired. Sorry. You missed our webiner and are expired. Sorry you missed it.


Matt (13:23):

Opt-in to be notified the next time we run this. Okay. If you just leave it open and anybody can buy this anytime you've lost all credibility. And the next time you say it's going to expire, no one will believe you. Okay. Make it hurt. If they don't believe you and you expire it and they miss it. Tough . Okay. You kept your word next time.  Now another thing that will happen though, is people will reach out to you on messenger and say, dude, I was so going to get, then I forgot. Or you know, my wife died or some crazy nonsense story. They'll tell you and they'll be like, can you hook me up? I was, I swear, I was going to get it. And I'll, and I'll say, of course, I'm never going to say no, don't send me money, of course you can get it.


Matt (14:03):

Just do me a favor. Don't tell anybody of my generosity, right? It's a little secret, little wink between the two of you is you're doing them a favor. You know what they're not going to do is they're not going to refund. Go ahead and send it to them, but let them reach out to you on messenger, but keep your word. Don't use false scarcity. They can't stand it. I see it all the time from some of the top marketers that I respect and follow. I see false scarcity. I'm like, come on, dude. You can do better than that. You're giving us all a bad name. Okay. One thing I will say about all four of these pages, including that page is you don't actually even need to create these pages if you're using Demio. That's the cool, one of the cool things about it. I don't ever use them because I actually liked to create the pages.


Matt (14:40):

It's one of the things that I do really well and it's very easy for me. I just do it naturally. So, it's not really like work. I can build all these pages in less than an hour. If I have my sales copy already, ready to go, but Demio provides you a registration, a confirmation page, and even a replay page. All you have to do is link your checkout page, your signup page from that replay page. Now you're going to have to figure out what that cart page is. Okay. There's several options for carts. There are several ways to sell it. Um, but again, you want to consider how it's going to be delivered. And, also thinking ahead, I want to have an affiliate program for this because I'm going to have affiliates promote it. Okay. So you got to kind of consider these things going in quick tip.


Matt (15:18):

I've used Zaxaa in the past, I've used, LMS LearnDash with WordPress. You could put a PayPal button on here, but really it's not going to help you on the backend.  So my solution, now what I use is AccessAlly. It is unbelievable that I haven't heard of this until recently, but I started using it last year and I love it. It's a little bit tech, um, a little techie. You might need to be tech savvy to use it, but there is a lot of documentations. I think it's great. It's one of the best things I've found because it allows you, it gives you the cart, allows you to host your products. It gives you an LMS system. That's really good. It better than any of the ones that I've used, um, and allows you to secure your content and have an affiliate program. So, it replaces a lot of things. Unfortunately, it's not a single price like LMS LearnDash or some of the other LMS solutions for WordPress, but it's worth the money. Okay. So there you have it, those are your pages. I know that was a lot, but I've given you everything you need to go ahead and get started building your webinar funnel in the next video, we're going to be talking about how to create your webinar. 

See you then.

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