VIDEO 6: How to Market Your Webinar

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Video 1: How to Create a High-Converting Webinar

In this first video, you will learn about the critical pieces that make up a high-converting webinar including the process, pages, and product.

Video 2: Why Your Business Needs a Webinar

In video 2, you will discover several reasons why your business needs a webinar and why you shouldn't just focus on always doing "selling" webinars.

Video 3: How to Build Your Webinar Funnel

In video 3, you will learn the 4 essential pages every webinar funnel must have, the most important elements for each, and a secret way to launch your course fast!

Video 4: How to Create Your Webinar Offer

In video 4, you will discover the difference between a course and a webinar offer, how to properly stack the value, and how to make your offer irresistible.

Video 5: How to Create a Webinar Presentation that Converts

In video 5, I share my secret presentation formula for consistently producing killer results.  Watch, swipe, and deploy for your next webinar and see your sales soar!

Video 6: How to Market Your Webinar 

In video 6, I'll reveal how and when I set up my webinars and when to expire them (no false scarcity!) for maximum results.  Rinse and repeat every month to 6-figures/year.

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Matt (00:00):

Welcome back and this final video of this six part video series on how to create a high converting webinar, we're going to be talking about how to actually promote your webinars so you can get people on the webinar and start making money with it. Okay. First things first, the best days of the week that I have found to run webinars are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, so we're going to go Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Matt (00:24):

Can you run them on Mondays? Sure. You can. Can you run 'em on Fridays? Saturdays? Give it a shot. I have heard recently a buddy of mine tell me that he's been running them on Sunday evenings, which makes sense, people are home.  Great try that then.


Matt (00:39):

But for me, because I speak to entrepreneurs and other business owners, these are the best times that I found. And I typically do either 2:00 PM Eastern or 8:00 PM.  Back in the day I almost always did eight, 8:00 PM because my thinking was, you know, people are home I'm in the East time zone. I know Central, Mountain and Pacific time are going to be different obviously, but at least it's, you know, five o'clock in Pacific time when it's eight o'clock here. And so, you know, likely can get people on it, but, you know, if they can't, you're not going to please everyone all the time. It doesn't matter what time we do these. 

We do them at 2:00, people on the West coast with 11:00 AM people in the U S that's fine. People in like, you know, the middle East and in Western European countries are like, this is great for me. This is you know, UK six hours ahead of that. So that's perfect people in the other side of the world and Japan and Singapore and Asian countries not happy about 2:00 PM Eastern, because it's typically two between one and three in the morning for them. Okay. So it doesn't matter. You're always going turn people off no matter what, but cater to your most predominant market for us. It's the U S and Canada. And so two to 8:00 PM. Eastern works, for the rest they can watch the replay. Okay. Depends on your niche too.


Matt (01:59):

Okay. Two to 8:00 PM. Eastern.  All right. So, depending on when you do this, I typically recommend that you give yourself four days to promote. So, if we're going to do it on Tuesday, I'd like to start promoting on Friday because I like to promote on business days. So normally what I'll do is I'll send out my first email on Friday. Saturday will be a second email. Sometimes I mail on Sunday, usually not. It doesn't matter if I'm working or not. You can always cue these up to be scheduled to go out.


I just don't like to send out emails on Sunday. And if I do, it's going to be first thing in the morning Eastern time. But then the third, typically the third email will be Monday. And then on Tuesday, the day of it'll be three emails. One first thing in the morning, one will be an hour, a heads up, and the final one will be five to 10 minutes, 15 minutes before the webinar says we're starting.


Matt (02:53):

Where are you, do you get your butt on the web? Right?  If you're going to do your webinar on Thursday, I'll cue up as on Sunday night, or I'll just start mailing Monday. So, you've got Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, three emails on the day of on Thursday. Okay. So you want to consider those emails because you're going to have a promotion emails and you're going to be using these for the JVs that you eventually get to sign up and promote your webinar for you. Okay? So you need several emails. Typically it's four to five promotional emails. And if you're sending this out to your own list, you don't need to get them to register. They're already on your list. You want to have a way to tag them, which you can do through Demio or get them onto a different list when they actually register. But another cool thing about Demio is that it creates a one-click link, right?


Matt (03:42):

Which is great because it reduces that friction to getting them to the actual registration, to getting them registered. So instead of email registration page I’ll send a one-click registration link, and but be sure to tell them register now here with one click. Okay. If you don't, they're going to be like, what the hell just happened? I'm on the confirmation page. How did that happen? Right. Let them know you're going to be registered with one click because it's going to grab their name and email, right from the email that you already have.


So, four to five promotional emails. The first email is basically going to be, if you're using a one-click email, just take all your sales copy from your registration page and make that your email. Okay. You're skipping a step. So might as well just go ahead and use that copy. You already have. And then when they click it, they're registered.


Matt (04:26):

They go great straight to the confirmation page. The emails after that first registration are designed to increase the desire to attend. Okay. You're whole goal after that point is to increase show up rate.  The show up rate is a big deal because the more people you can get on that webinar, the more energy, the more excitement, the more questions it's going to be organic. It's really hard and tough to fake that stuff. And it sucks to have to do it because it feels inauthentic and it's not fun. So the more people you can get on your live webinars, the better. And of course that means, you know, your conversion numbers are going to be a lot better. So, if you've got 20 people on a live webinar and two of them buy, do you have a 10% conversion rate? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it's better. Maybe it's worse, but if you get a hundred people on and then you get 20 people to buy, yeah, you got a 20% conversion rates. Great. You know, that's excellent. So, you really want to get at least a hundred and multiples of a hundred, obviously the more, the better. So, anything that you can do to help increase that show up rate is obviously gonna work into your advantage. Okay. After the the webinar, we have our replay emails.


Matt (05:41):

Four to five emails as well. Depends on if you're doing it on Tuesday or if you're doing it on Thursday, I still either way, whether it's Tuesday or Thursday will expire the replay on Sunday. Okay? All of these emails are designed to say, if you missed it, go watch it. Next one. Hey, here's what we covered on the webinar. In case you missed it. Next one, don't forget. This is expiring Sunday. Go pick it up. I can. Next one. We only have so much time left. Go pick it up before it expires. When the clock hits zero, you will be redirected. You won't be able to purchase this anymore. Okay. So this is the kind of the setup. Now the first thing you're going to do, if you have a list, mail your list,


Matt (06:22):

Mail, mail your list.  If you don't have a list that you can mail you're obviously going to need to run ads. Okay? Yes. We're going to get partners on board to promote this. But the thing that you want to do with your first webinar is to run it yourself, do an internal webinar and get your numbers. That way you can approach JVs and say, Hey, listen, we ran ads. I mailed my list. We had 300 people registered. We had 150 people on that's a 50% show rate. That's awesome. And here's how many people bought. So here are the numbers. Here's what we made. Here's how much we made per attendee. And you know, what this is going to do is going to tell them if I spend $3,000 on ads, here's what I can expect to get as a return on my investment. Okay. So you want to get these initial numbers first.


Matt (07:10):

So you've got to do your work and your part to make sure that you do the first webinar yourself to actually get those webinars statistics that you can then shop around to other JVs. Okay. So run ads, and then you're going to get JV webinars on the books. And that's really where the sweet spot is. Because if you have a webinar that's converting at 15% or better, and you can shop this around to other JV’s and just put money in their pocket. People are going to, to, to do a webinar for you. You don't have to pull teeth. It feels like getting people to promote your product launch on a specific time at a specific date. And over the course of five days or seven days, that's a lot harder than just saying, Hey, look, you want to make a bunch of money.


Matt (07:52):

I got this webinar that's converting pretty well. Here's how it works. Here's what it is. Here's who it's for. If it's for you. Great. If not, no worries. It's going to be a lot easier to shop that around than it is to get that person on your launch. Okay. After you have your first webinar, you ran as you have a few JV webinars, you're gonna have a lot of testimonials. Obviously you can create an evergreen webinar, and then you could just start focusing on publishing content around what it is that you talked about on your webinar that leads to an evergreen or a replay or, or whatever you wanna do with that replay. Okay. There you have it.  Again, my name is Matt Stefanik thank you so much for taking the time to go through this course.      

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